conjure [kun′jər, kän′jər; ] for vi.1 & vt.1 [ kən joor′]
conjured, conjuring [ME conjuren < OFr conjurer < L conjurare, to swear together, conspire < com-, together + jurare, to swear: see JURY1]
1. Obs. to be sworn in a conspiracy
2. in primitive or superstitious rites, to summon a demon or spirit as by a magic spell
3. to practice magic or legerdemain
1. to call upon or entreat solemnly, esp. by some oath
2. in primitive or superstitious rites, to summon (a demon or spirit) as by a magic spell
3. to bring about by conjuration
conjure up
1. to cause to be or appear as by magic or legerdemain
2. to call to mind [the music conjured up memories]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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